Garmin Forerunner 735xt – Review

When my last Garmin watch broke, I did a tone of research into what was the best device to replace it. At the time the apple watch was not waterproof and I wanted a device which was. My main training consists of swimming in a pool, in the open water and in triathlon events.

My requirements limited the search to a number of Garmin devices which ranged in price. I settled for the Garmin Forerunner 735xt. It had all the featured I needed and was at the *cheaper* end of the price range. I say cheaper, the device cost around £230 which is still a lot of money but the higher end Triathlon watches came to £450.

As well as the watch I got an external heart rate monitor to give you more accurate readings.

Below are a number of screenshots from the website, Garmin also has an app that works on both Andriod and IOS. The online version is the most feature-rich but you can do most things on the app.

Gamin Activity Dashboard
Cycle Data and Route
Cycling Route Stats
Running data… such as heartbeat, cadence and performance condition

You can access the gamin dashboard here:

Main takeaways from the watch:

  • Nice clear design
  • Very accurate GPS
  • Loads of data points
  • Excellent for triathlons
  • Long battery life
  • Swimming and cycling also fully-featured
  • Fair price for the feature list
  • Affordable replacement straps

Overall I would highly recommend the Garmin Forerunner 735xt to anyone who is an entry-level to mid-range sports fan. With its long list of features but fair cost, there is not much better in the market place. Take a look at the watch on the Wiggle website here.