July Triathlon Training Overview


Training has been going well in July ahead of a few events I have planned. Due to my knee injury, I am not running much as I don’t want to make it worse. I’m mainly swimming as I don’t get any pain and also I’m really enjoying both pool and open water swimming.  I am training hard as next month I have the Dee 2km swim and 2 triathlons. 

Activity Type Date Title Distance Time
Swimming 26/07/2017 20:58 Lap Swimming 100m 02:28.0
Swimming 26/07/2017 20:32 Lap Swimming 1125m 25:01:00
Swimming 22/07/2017 18:59 Lap Swimming 2500m 58:59:00
Swimming 20/07/2017 20:00 Swimming 1100m 21:45
Swimming 18/07/2017 21:11 West Kirby Swimming 1100m 25:00:00
Running 14/07/2017 16:30 Run 1.8 km 16:00
Swimming 08/07/2017 20:12 Saturday Swim 1500m 30:00:00
Cycling 06/07/2017 20:00 Casual Ride 9m 01:25:00
Other 05/07/2017 19:14 Badminton 0.89m 01:00:00
Swimming 04/07/2017 20:35 Lap Swimming 1025m 22:50
Swimming 03/07/2017 07:57 Morning Swim 1000m 22:00
Cycling 02/07/2017 14:08 Moreton West and Saughall Massie Ward Cycling 15.7m 01:03:33


New Longest Distance Swim

I did my longest swim to date on the 22nd, I swam 2500 M in 58 minutes. When trained in a 50m pool I completed a 2200m swim in just under 40 minutes. I think the increased time is both down to the longer distance but also that I’m now training in a 25m pool that requires more turning.


Up and Comming Events

In August I am swimming in the 2k Dee Swim. After that, I have the North West Triathlon which is on the following weekend. I’ve done this event 5 times before and I would highly recommend it. After that, I have a weekend off followed by the West Kirby Triathlon which I’ve not done before but I’m very much looking forward to.