Podcast Recommendations for 2020


I’ve listened to podcats for many years, as time and life changes, I change the type of podcasts that I am interested in. In the past I listed to many web design and design podcats, in the past 18 months it’s changed to more personal development, technology and IT Security podcats.

This year I have come across 3 podcasts that I really enjoy and would like to recommend them to you.

Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries is a podcast about hackers, breaches, APTs, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network. The podcast is produced and hosted by Jack Rhysider who is a veteran to the security world. He gained his professional knowledge of security by working in a Security Operations Center for a Fortune 500 company. He shared his experience and knowledge and talks with other people working in this field and shares some incredible stories.

Find out more about this fantastic podcast on this website: https://darknetdiaries.com/about/

Smashing Security

Smashing security was recommended to me around 5 months ago. Since I started listening I have learnt a lot about current issues in the world of IT Security. The podcasts are hosted by Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault who have a very fun way of running the show but also get the news across in relation to IT Security.

Find more here: https://www.smashingsecurity.com/episodes

Rob Moore

I first came across Rob Moore when I bought one of his books, Life Leverage r, from there I have bought all of his personal development books and subscribed to his podcasts. As well as recommending all of his book, the podcast is equally as interesting, focusing on being an entrepreneur and how to improve whatever it is you do.

Find out more about Rob’s books and podcasts here: https://robmoore.com/

Make sure you check out some of the books I recommend earlier this year here.

I hope that you take a listen to my recommendations and enjoy them as much as I have. All the best for 2020.