Podcasts for the year ahead…

In a year where everyone had to stay indoors and fill there time in different ways, you would think I could have written a few more blog posts. In reality, 95% of my posts are about travel, photography, and live music events. The other 5% are about books I’ve read, sporting, and podcast.

I am adding to the 5% and writing a short post about the latest podcasts & Audiobooks I’ve been listening to.

I find podcasts so hit and miss, I always appreciate recommendations for good podcasts. Most of the podcasts I listen to are based around self-improvement, technology & News. This post is short and to the point, I’ve listed the podcats that I’ve been listening to, some for just this year, some for many years.

I’ve been listening to Rob Moore for a number of years now and always recommend him to my friends and listening to him helps keep me motivated and also gives you a good idea on perspective. Take a look at his podcast here.

I’ve been listening to Wired for the past few years which is a nice podcast coving news, society, and technology. Take a listen here.

One of the more techy podcasts I like is called Darknet Dariers which is a deep insight into stories about hacking in companies, enterprises, and governments. Check it out here: Darknet Diaries

This year I have started listening to a few more podcasts recommended to me by friends. There are a few which i have listed below along with links to the shows.

If you do take up any of my reocmmantioons, please let me know. If there are any podcats you would reocmmend, hook me up.

Thanks for read,
Simon Tilsley