Sundays Icy Ride – Wirral Loop January 2021

I went for a 26km spin after work on Friday evening which I really enjoyed, so I decided that I wanted to go out again on Sunday for a decent length ride. Over the years I’ve been on thousands of rides but over the past few years I’ve been doing more swimming and running instead of cycling. I plan to increase my cycling distances/frequency over 2021.

This ride took me on a route around the Wirral, southbound from my house to Heswall was all in the wind but from Bebington to New Brighton, the wind was behind me. Below is the ride stats.

Good router covering the coast line

All the A roads had been very well gritted by the council, the photo below is from a B road which I ened up rolling very slowly down to avoid any incidents. The rest of the ride went with out amy problems.

Icy B Road

I am looking forward to getting more rides in over the next 6 months, even more so when the weather gets nicer so I can swap my winter gear for my summer gear 🙂

Have a great weekend.