Swim Serpentine 2018

I booked on the Swim Serpentine as soon as the entries became available earlier in 2018. I wanted to go to the 2017 event but I was at a wedding on the same day.

I’ve had a few events on this year which kept my training plans busy with 2 triathlons, some cycle only, run only events and several open water swims. I’ve done more open water swims this year then I’ve ever done before I’m preparation for the events. I’ve pushed myself to improve my technique and swim for longer and the hard work has paid off. I plan to continue where I left of and keep improving on my time, technique and distance.

The swim Serpentine event was fantastic, I plan to sign up for the event next year I enjoyed it that much. 

I finished the event in 1:09:12, a much faster time than I planned. 

The photos on the event are below including the London Classics Medal.