The Big Welsh Swim 2019

The Big Welsh Swim 2019

Last Saturday morning I took part in a ‘Love Swim Run’ event called the  Big Welsh Swim 2019 in north Wales. I’ve posted before about this event, I signed up to the 6k route. 

I signed up to this swim for 2 reasons, firstly I wanted to raise money for a local charity and I thought this swim would be a good way to help raise funds. Secondly, I wanted to push my self and try to improve my open water swimming. 

Here is a photo of the medal from the event:

The swim went really well considering the weather was not great. Below is a screenshot of my times.


Thank you to my friends, family, business contacts and co works for spondring me and helping raise over £1,400 for charlotte’s brightside. To learn more about this amazing chairty, check out there website